At TLC Dental Center, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

  • "My family has been going to Dr. Yim for 10+ years. We have all been extremely happy with his services. He is all about keeping his patients comfortable and pain free. He even has Saturday appointments which is very accommodating to my schedule. I would very highly recommend Dr. Yim."
    Lesa V.
  • "TLC dental makes me actually want to go to the dentist. I used to be scared to go to the dentist but they make me feel real comfortable."
    Olivia C.
  • "Doctor Yim gives painless shots. He is very gentle in his care but I never feel his shots. I used to hate going to the dentist only because of getting the shots. Now I have no fear or dread of going. His office staff are great too. Both ladies are very kind and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone looking for good pain free dental care"
    Sandy B.
  • "I have been going to Dr. Yim for several years. He and his staff are first rate. His explanations are thorough and easy to understand. He takes care of what needs done, does an outstanding job of it, and doesn't try to sell a bunch of unnecessary treatments."
    Jeff U.
  • "I've been going to Dr. Yim for about 10 years now and can't say that I've had even 1 bad experience. He and his staff are always friendly, professional, and courteous!"
    Lyle G.
  • "Very good and honest dentist. Family oriented. Appointments are very flexible and works out well for me because I do Saturdays. Staff is very friendly and also family oriented. He loves animals and our little dog Chaz. He and his staff is very much appreciated. Thank you."
    Bob H.
  • "Dr. Yim and his staff are incredible people. They are honest and very easy to talk to-- on top of that, they are committed to doing what's in the best interest of the patient. Their flexible hours and dedication to patient satisfaction are clearly a top priority. Having had a history of bad experiences with dentists-- I can certainly say that I have found a permanent home for my dental care. I will continue recommending them to all of my family and friends. Thank you TLC Dental Center!"
    Thomas R.
  • "If you are squeamish about seeing Dentists, this is the one for you. I saw him on a Saturday because or a crown popped off and wound up finding out that I had a bad infection and had an extraction two days later. Awesome, affordable, and very kind! I hope he never retires and follows me around the country."
    Lucas B.
  • "Great doctor and great staff. Very efficient and reasonable price"
    Chun H.
  • "Always quick and professional. Dr. cleans your teeth and makes the dentist trip as enjoyable as possible."
    Cody G.
  • "This is truly the best Dentist office I have ever visited! They are very caring and thorough! I had to have an exterior and they were amazing! I will definitely return for all my family's dental care!"
    Aaron M.
  • "Dr.Yim is the best, he treats my whole family. He is great with children. His staff is very polite and attentive. This is definitely a great facility!"
    Sheenette M.
  • "Took care of the whole family, great with kids. Friendly staff :)"
    Diann T.
  • "Started going to Dr. Yim in August of 2017. The staff makes you feel very comfortable and Dr. Yim very friendly and cares about his patients and their comfort. He explains procedures to you. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dentist."
    Pat M.
  • "Dr. Yim and his staff are extremely friendly and personable. I was looking for a local dentist after having not been to a dentist for several years and after an initial deep cleaning several months ago my recent appointment showed great improvements with no cavities. I also noticed the improvements during my at-home brushing.
    The staff always goes out of their way to make sure you're comfortable to ease any fears about potential pain or discomfort.
    I highly recommend TLC Dental Center even if you don't live in Marysville. It's worth the drive!"
    Frank S.
  • "Fantastic service. Recommend anyone to TLC"
    TeG T.
  • "Great service. Office is very kind and professional. Thank you Dr Yim :)"
    Kim P.
  • "Great place to go. The staff is amazing very professional and goes out of their way to make the visit as comfortable as possible. Will recommend TLC Dental to everyone."
    Family F.
  • "Dr. Yim is a very caring dentist who will work you in when you need to see him. My family has been seeing him for over 8 years. I had a huge fear of the dentist and Dr. Yim always makes sure I am comfortable. I have had lots of work done and so glad he is my dentist. The staff is great too!"
    Davistkr D.
  • "Best dentist ever!"
    Wesley P.
  • "I recommend Dr. Yim and his staff with a 100% in all areas. As a new patient with a broken tooth, I was given an appointment immediately for the day after my call. Dr. Yim pulled a tooth, did a root canal and repaired another root canal that was poorly done a few years before by another dentist, in another state. He worked hard to save my tooth, did a wonderful job and the entire procedure was totally pain-free. Their hours are very convenient for any working person, and everyone was very friendly and caring. The cost for everything was very reasonable. I was not a resident of Ohio but only there to care for an elderly relative for a short time. Even knowing I was not going to remain in the State as a permanent patient, Dr. Yim went out of his way to accommodate my needs and schedule to complete all that I needed to have done before I suddenly had to return to my State of residence. I am a senior citizen and Dr. Yim is the best dentist I have ever been to."
    Reba M.
  • "The service you receive here is A-1. I've been going to TLC for 10 years and will continue for years to come."
    John B.
  • "Been coming here for over 10 years. Always treated great!"
    Nikki D.
  • "Saw me on a Saturday to fix a toothache. I wasn't a previous client but, he worked me in immediately."
    Brian O.
  • "While I was at an overnight outing a woman broke her tooth and was visibly suffering. I gave her TLC's phone number & Dr.Yim took her right away, even though it was a weekend. He's kind and affordable too!"
    Trisha D.
  • "Wonderful dentist and staff.
    I couldn't ask for a better place to get my teeth cleaned and worked on."
    Kimberly S.
  • "Love this place! The staff is great, Dr. Yim has been quick to get my daughter's work done and she wasn't scared and she was comfortable. Wish I would've come to TLC sooner!!!"
    Amber N-M-B.
  • "This dental office is nothing short of amazing! The pricing is affordable (even without dental insurance) and they dental staff takes the time to answer your questions. They are all very knowledgeable and it is evident that they take pride in their work. My seven year old son had to have a tooth pulled due to an infected cavity. My son has a fear of needles and was very nervous for this appointment. Dr. Yim was so gentle and professional. He used a numbing gel and was talking to my son in a soothing tone during the whole procedure. He was able to give my son several shots of Novocaine and pull his tooth before my son realized what had happened. When the procedure was finished, Dr. Yim told my son that he was all done, my son asked, "Are you going to give me my shot now?" Dr. Yim replied that he already pulled his tooth, so he could give it to the tooth fairy. My son was so proud to bring home his tooth! I am so impressed with this dental office and the whole staff."
    Ashley M.
  • "I cannot say enough about this office. The staff is always nice and professional. Dr. Yim is amazing. He talks about your issue without talking down to you. He is a kind man and a very gentle dentist. He always makes you feel at ease. Highly recommend this office!!!"
    Angela W.
  • "Great, Great, Great Dentist and Staff. A very proud, helpful, concerned group of people which makes your experience Great. Have Saturday hours, never heard that one before at a dentist. Thanks, my family found our dentist, recommend you give them a try as well."
    Chris S.
  • "Dr. Yim and his staff are on time and courteous. I have been a patient at his office for over 10 years now and still recommend him to all of my friends and family. Who knew that going to the dentist could be such a positive and painless experience! Keep up the good work TLC and I will see you again in 6 months!"
  • "Charles C. and Pam C. are patients with Dr. Yim. He is an excellent dentist and will always see you if you have an Emergency with your teeth. His staff are very polite and helpful as well as professional. We would highly recommend this dentist to anyone!!!!!!!!!!"
    Pam C.
  • "Dr. Yim and his staff are awesome and the best, just had a root canal, very friendly but also no pain at all, very great people all around. I definitely recommend anyone looking for a new dentist and one that will treat you the best."
    Logan A.
  • "Dr. Yim is a caring and passionate dentist. My family and I have been going to Dr. Yim since we moved to Marysville in 2007. He has continually provided the best care for my family while adding a very personal touch during every visit. He is very cognizant of “chairside manner” being personable, caring, and attentive to the quality of both our oral health and the experience my family receives during check-ups/treatment. Dr. Yim is wonderful and I will use him as a dentist as long as he is practicing in Marysville."
    Robb C.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Yim since 2006. Simply put, he is an excellent dentist. He has greatly improved my dental health through quality care, education, and understanding my needs. His techniques and patience make each visit very low stress. Thank you, Dr. Yim!!"
  • "Awesome friendly and very welcoming place. Appointments are super easy to schedule and you're in and out right away. Doctor Yim is amazing and explains in detail what he's doing to your teeth before proceeding. 감사합니다"
    Holland H.
  • "Great atmosphere and amazing people! My search for a better dentist has ended here! Couldn't imagine going anywhere else to receive the outstanding results & service"
    Amanda A.
  • "I have had horrid dental experiences before TLC Dental... I will never go anywhere else, they are wonderful and I actually look forward to going! Today while having cavities filled we were literally laughing... who else can say they have fun at the dentist?!? If you have had bad experiences this is the dentist for you... he turns it around and makes it great!
    An important note, he is also the dentist to our whole family including our 3 kids! Ages are 8, 5, and 4. We all love him!"
    Mindie F.
  • "Dr. Yim and the staff at TLC Dental are awesome! Visiting the dentist has never been more comfortable and they are VERY affordable."
    Will S.
  • "I have been going to TLC for around 10 years now ...I had a dental nightmare going on ...there was a lot that needed done and I am a person that doesn't like to drag stuff out over a lot of visits and time ....they understood and really took care of me ...I would recommend them to anyone."
    William G.
  • "Doctor Yim and the staff are very friendly. He is quick and efficient. Both my husband and I were very pleased with the work done."
    Shannon R.
  • "This is the best dentist office I have ever been to, my experiences with dentists have always been painful but not here. I feel very comfortable here. I recommend them to everyone of all ages"
    Annette W.
  • "Great and friendly service"
    Janam P.
    Barbara B.
  • "The only dentist open on Saturday anywhere that I could find...Called and they got me right in...Really nice people...No needle pain...so hard to find...most pleasant root canal I've ever had. Really recommend TLC Dental Center to anyone."
    Trent B.
  • "Very friendly, efficient, and professional practice! Excellent staff and care."
    Andy C.
  • "Best dentist out there! I've been going here about 7 years and never had a problem, Dr. Yim is great about telling you the best solutions to problems and giving you choices."
    Caleb P.
  • "I don't have a regular dentist I see or use due and one day I was having excruciating mouth pain. I called TLC to see if they could get me in that day and after they checked into a few things they got me in that evening to assist with the pain and get me on my way for a root canal. I was very afraid as I hate the dentist due to a bad experience with another dentistry before. The staff was very professional and helpful to make sure I was at ease and relaxed. I highly recommend this office as they jump through hopes to assist new clients and make you feel at ease."
    Faith S.
  • "Very easy to schedule an appointment. Always very thorough and pain-free."
    Rena S.
  • "Dr. Yim is very thorough and does very good work. Compared to other dentists I've been to, he takes the extra step to do the job right."
    James A.
  • "Two years ago I started seeing Dr. Yim. I found him to be very professional courteous and knowledgeable. I extremely like the way he explains what he is going to do before he does it and as he goes. If you are looking for a great dentist I highly recommend him and his staff."
    C B.
  • "Very friendly staff. Dr. was very gentle and willing to take time to listen to my questions and concerns."
    Brandy A-A.
  • "We have been seeing Dr. Yim for almost 10 years and he has taken great care of us and our teeth in that time. He and his staff are incredible, always treat us well, and have flexible hours that work with everyone's schedule. Dr. Yim always displays great patience with his patients! You are not just another patient in his office."
    Josh D.
  • "The girls in the office are so nice and caring! Dr. Yim is excellent and very personable! Excellent in his skills. I will never leave this office! I don't mind going to the dentist anymore! They are a true pleasure!"
    Mary A-R.
  • "I love my dentist. He's so kind and very patient with me. I've gone to him since 2006."
    Rosella R.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Yim's for 11 years now and I am so grateful that I found him! Like everyone else, my life had been pretty hectic with raising a family and I put my dental visits on hold for a few years. When I finally decided it was time to go back I was looking for a dentist who had a convenient location, good hours, was on call for emergency needs, and had a nonjudgmental attitude. Dr. Yim fit all of the categories! I was immediately welcomed by him and his staff, and with every visit I feel that they are happy to see me and genuinely care about my health. He is a very skilled dentist and is always keeping cost-effectiveness in mind when developing a plan for your needs. My usual wait time is less than 5 minutes for an appointment, and he personally cleans your teeth. So, if it's been a while since you've seen a dentist, you're short on time, and want someone who is honest and will treat you with care, Dr. Yim is the dentist for you!"
    L. F.
  • "I love TLC dental. I've been going there for years and have had nothing but amazing care. Dr. Yim truly cares about his patients."
    Erica S.
  • "Very polite and professional"
    Zac R.
  • "Do you hate to go dentist? I do. I had a cleaning this morning at 8. I was in on time...and I was out the door with a new, free toothbrush by 8:19. Dr. Yim at TLC Dental has been my dentist for many years. He does the cleaning himself, and he is FAST. Because of him, I don't mind the dentist so much anymore. He knows my family by name and is truly a part of our family!"
    Joe C.
  • "I started going to TLC a little over a year ago when I decided to have the misaligned teeth on my upper jaw fixed. They got me scheduled very quickly and it only took them about an hour to process my paperwork, take ex-rays, examine my problem, etc. The doctor gave me several options, I decided to have bridge work done and the doctor prepped the right side that day. In total I had to go in for two operations over a few months, first to have the right side done then let it heal and then to have the left side done. Both operations took only a few hours and felt no pain during either one. It's now been a year and I have had no problems at all. Since then I've gone back for check-ups, cleanings, etc and the staff has always been very polite and worked around my schedule. I am very happy with the quality of care I have received from TLC and I highly recommend them for anyone looking to have affordable quality dental work done."
    Daniel A.
  • "Very nice Doctor and office personnel.
    I chipped a tooth and they got me right In the next morning. Dental work looks great too!"
    Dana B.
  • "Dr. Yim and his staff have taken care of my family in the past 10 years. They are so kind and accommodating my schedule all the time. Every treatment was satisfactory, including root canal and crown service. He always explains the treatment plan before the treatment. My family and I recommend TLC to anybody who lived close to 270 and Dublin area. It is only 20 minute drive from Dublin area and you will not regret it, as I did not in the past ten years. Thx TLC and Dr. Yim."
    Mission K.
  • "Dr. Yim and staff are very friendly and caring to my family and I. We could not ask for a better dentist to take care of my family's dental needs. Dr. Yim is patient, accurate, kind and empathetic towards his patients. When you are in his care he puts you at ease and makes your visit satisfactory. I would highly recommend Dr. Yim and his staff for dentistry work."
    Jamie E.
  • "The staff got my son in right after the holiday for a broken tooth but I thought he would have to come back at least 2-3 times to get it taken care of but Dr. Kim took care of it and two other things all at one time. My son said it was a painless process and he was very happy with the job that was done. I and my son would recommend them to anyone. They were very friendly and professional."
    Joy C.
  • "Let me start off by saying I hate dentists but I came in, filled out some paperwork and they got me right in. He told me the process of everything, told me I would feel nothing, I got a tooth filled and one removed and never so much as batted an eye and was out in 30 mins so if you have any doubts on a dentist to choose, they are definitely the ones to choose. Thank you for the help."
    Kaleb M.
  • "Best dentist I've ever had!"
    Felicia C.
  • "We have been seeing this dental office for years now. My husband hates dentists but he loves Dr. Yim. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. Dr. Yim makes your dental experience so very nice. His shots are painless and he takes his time in giving you very gentle care. We will be going here for many more years."
    Carrie H.
  • "Love this dentist. Staff are friendly and treat you like a family. Never had any problems with anything. Highly recommended"
    Chelsey H.
  • "Very enjoyable experience at TLC. Very friendly and the work is very good."
    Anna B.
  • "They were so nice and personable. The visit was quick and, most importantly - painless! This coming from someone who usually dreads going to the dentist. I recently switched to TLC Dental and I must say I feel like I found my dentist!! All the stuff, as well as Doctor Yim, made me feel comfortable and were very tentative as to how I was doing during my visit. I'll definitely be back!"
    Tara T.
  • "Friendly staff and clean facility. Dr. Yim has been great with my kids. My kids actually don't mind going to the dentist now!"
    Mark T.
  • "Always that best services, I have been going there for 7 years. They are so nice and professional"
    Rene M.
  • "Always excellent! Dr. Yim makes sure you feel no pain at all, always checking in with you. He is very thorough."
    Peter S.
  • "Great dentist, friendly staff, and is able to work you in when you have an emergency"
    Kelley E.
  • "Very accommodating and friendly dentist. No complaints"
    DJ M.
  • "Dr. Yim and his staff are beyond amazing. I've been coming to his office for over 10 years. He accommodates my crazy schedule and is caring, has an excellent manner with his patients and takes care of business. I would recommend Dr. Yim for anyone's dental needs. I moved from Marysville last year and still keep TLC as my go-to Dental"
    Susan L-K.
  • "When I needed to go to the dentist, I went where my new work insurance covered as I do not go to the dentist out of fear. As I entered, I was extremely nervous and the dentist and his assistant noticed it and reassured me that all would be fine and it would not hurt. I thought that as I was to have four teeth removed and a partial put in that I would get gas to calm me before he put needles in my mouth. To my disbelief I did not get gas, but as I laid back shaking my entire body, he put 6 needles in my mouth that I did NOT feel and after we knew I was completely numb, he told me he had already removed 3 of the 4 teeth and again I didn't even feel it and was still waiting for him to remove the first tooth. This was the best dentist I have been and would recommend not just anyone but everyone go to him. The only change he could make within his office is except medical cards so my grandchildren could go to him also."
    Sandy C.
  • "My family and I have been going to TLC dental for years and will continue going. It offers very flexible hours and has an amazing staff.Dr. Yin is very knowledgeable and my children love him. Our experience there has always been very pleasant no matter what dental procedure was being done."
    Kirsten A.
  • "Always great service! Very flexible scheduling, friendly staff, and very high-quality dental work. Highly recommended!"
    Andrew M.
  • "Always great! I drive in from east Columbus for these guys. Always fair, gentle and non-judgy. They make this "pain-free.""
    Will V.
  • "I didn't feel any pain and the dentist made me feel very relaxed. I will never go to another dentist. He also had the best price in town. I highly recommend."
    Danielle A.
  • "I have been a patient at TLC and Dr. Yim for a number of years now, and would recommend it to anyone! Dr. Yim and staff are incredibly friendly and are honest about what you need. I moved to Columbus and still go to Marysville just for dental care."
    Jeremy H.
  • "Highly recommend, very good place. Quick and does a very good job."
    Sarah S.
  • "Painless, professional my kids love going here."
    Christa C.
  • "I can not praise Dr. Yim and Nicole enough. They made me feel at ease during an extensive dental procedure. I have found my dentist for life at TLC Dental and will refer everyone I know to this office. Heather is awesome too!!!!"
    Mistie W.
  • "I have been going to TLC Dental for 10 years. Dr. Yim and his staff are wonderful. Scheduling is very easy and flexible. I once broke a tooth and Dr.Yim was able to work me into his schedule that same day. Dr. Yim and his staff provide the best care every time."
    Jeremy E.
  • "TLC takes care of our 4 boys and they are always quick, flexible and friendly. Very little waiting for your appointment, which is clutch for our little ones and affordable."
    Scott M.
  • "I truly loathe the dentist. I have been to several but hadn't found one I liked or actually listened. Dr. Yim and his staff are wonderful. I had an emergency in January and they got me in right away. I have been to him A LOT in the last couple months for issues and it doesn't even bug me to go. Dr. Yim is fantastic and my kids have their appts with him too. It's affordable and worth every penny. No more stress for me when it comes to seeing the dentist!!!!!!"
    Tabitha S.
  • "My family and I have been going to TLC for several years and I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Yim and the staff! I go here for routine cleanings and have had other dental procedures performed here as well. I feel Dr. Yim is very honest and doesn't try to push products or procedures that you don't need, unlike past dentists I have been to."
    Matt N.
  • "I have been going to Dr. Yim for the past ten years. He and his staff are fantastic. They make sure you are very well taken care of and you are not there waiting forever. They have evening hours which really help with a work schedule. Having three kids it can be really hard to keep them all calm. The staff will turn on cartoons, talk to them, and even help look after them while I get my x-ray and cleaning done. When it is their turn he is great with them making them feel comfortable and have fun. My eight year old since starting to go to him has said for the last two years that he wants to become a dentist because of Dr. Yim."
    Alisha N.
  • "I have been going to TLC dental for quite a few years now. He and his staff do a wonderful job. There is never any pressure. They are not looking to "sell" you dental work. They make appropriate recommendations and monitor your teeth. It is worth the half hour drive for me. I have had to bring my children with me a few times to tag along and the staff is friendly and even helpful if necessary. If you're looking for the best dentist within the Marysville area and surrounding for your family then look no further."
    Melissa A.
  • "It's been years since I have seen a dentist... Because let's face it, who really likes going. I saw Dr. Yim and he is amazing! Kind, professional and talks you through everything. Plus he just saved me about $400 today! Definitely makes going to the dentist easier!"
    Erica S.
  • "Dr. Yim does a fantastic job. He works with you as well. Glad we finally found a good dentist everyone in our family likes."
    Victoria T.
  • "I've been going here for 6 years and I have zero complaints. Everyone here is genuine and really nice, you can tell they all care about their patients. Dr. Yim is very good about making sure you're comfortable at all times and that's big for me because I'm terrified of dentist work!"
    Dylan A.
  • "Dr. Yim and his staff are fantastic! Although it takes me almost an hour to get to TLC Dental Center, it's worth it. He always asks "are you in any pain?" right away, and is very accommodating to get me in quickly in emergency situations. I've never met a more compassionate, understanding, and professional dentist!"
    Joe B.
  • "We have been going to TLC Dental for years. Dr. Yim has been wonderful at working with us on every level. He is very knowledgeable and great at making sure you are comfortable during any procedure. The staff are very friendly and there are usually appointments available to fit any schedule. If you are looking for a dentist that does great quality work for an affordable price, this is the place!"
    Gregory B.
  • "Hadn't been to a dentist in years. Doctor Yim and staff quickly worked me in and dealt broken tooth. Very flexible scheduling including Saturdays. Would recommend him to anyone."
    Daniel D.
  • "Hadn't been to a dentist in years. Doctor Yim and staff quickly worked me in and dealt broken tooth. Very flexible scheduling including Saturdays. Would recommend him to anyone."
    Daniel D.
  • "I highly recommend TLC Dental. Dr. Yim is very professional, gentle, caring and takes the time to explain to you what your personal situation is. I have been going there for a few years now and have never had a bad experience. The staff are excellent. They go above and beyond."
    Kenneth B.
  • "Awesome dentist!!! I have been going to him for more than 10 years and would never think of changing. The staff super friendly."
    Kelly P.
  • "Dr. Yim is the best Dentist that I have visited. He is very attentive to my needs as a patient and performs very high-quality work. TLC Dental Center has a friendly staff, hours to accommodate nearly any schedule and charges reasonable fees for their services."
    Jay R.
  • "Love this facility. Very friendly staff. I choose them when I first went to them as a referral from my fiance and it was a great choice. They are very affordable."
    Melissa C.
  • "Dr. Yim and his associates are professional in their approach to my personal dentistry. I am extremely comfortable to discuss any issues I have experienced or am experiencing. The atmosphere in the office is relaxed and I would highly recommend Dr. Yim for his professionalism and expertise."
    Matthew S.
  • "I had to switch to a different dentist because my insurance changed and I have to say I'm glad I did because Dr. Yim and his staff are really great and my kids and husband love him as well. His schedule is very easy to work with especially with 3 hectic kids schedules and he is very efficient with very little or no waiting at all. My youngest child has also had a couple dental emergencies which have happened outside of business hours, and when calling to leave a message the dentist actually answered the phone himself and was very helpful and accommodating to get my son in quickly."
    Lorraine P.
  • "The doctor is nice and friendly, same as the staff. Clean waiting room with lots of magazines. Can accommodate any emergency dental needs. Friendly reminder call when your appointment time is approaching."
    Angkana M.
  • "I have been going here for several years. The service is always quick and efficient. They do an excellent job and even have evening hours for those with a 9-5 job."
    Mindy G.
  • "I had not seen a dentist in over 20 years for any work, even routine cleanings prior, as such, I didn't have a regular dentist. Dr. Yim at TLC was able to see me immediately. He and his friendly staff assessed my problem which required a root canal to fix. Despite all the bad hype surrounding this procedure, Dr. Yim was able to perform this on me nearly painlessly. It was a total relief to have that pain go away. A few weeks later I had a custom crown fitted and now the tooth works as good as ever. I have been going to TLC ever since for checkups and cleanings. Dr. Yim is patient, kind and always concerned about my comfort whenever I go in. My overall mouth health has improved immensely thanks to TLC Dental."
    Joshua S.
  • "I am posting this review for my husband, Ron B. He has been afraid of dentists since he had a bad experience when he was younger. Dr. Yim got rid of those fears. Today Ron had some teeth pulled and got partials. He didn't even feel when the teeth came out. He LOVES his new smile and can't thank the Doctor enough. He said he looks forward to going back to have the rest of his work done. I'm thankful to Dr. Yim, too. My hubby looks happier with his new smile. I'll be looking into becoming a new patient soon!"
    Teddi B.
  • "Dr. Yim and his staffing are wonderful! Amazing with children as well."
    Terri W.
  • "They are friendly and professional."
    Robert O.
  • "Been going for nearly 10 years now (since moving back from Japan). Very flexible scheduling (early Saturday morning is my usual choice). Always quick, professional, informative, and friendly."
    Kyle W.
  • "Dr. Yim and his staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They make your visit as relaxing as a visit to the dentist could possibly be. I think that their new office is a great improvement. I have been a patient of Dr. Yim for years, and would highly recommend him!"
    Mark M.
  • "Been with him for 7 years"
  • "I've been a patient of Dr. Yim for several yrs. Dr. Yim has been very professional and always very friendly. What I really liked is that he not only does the dentistry part of the business, but does the cleaning as well. Plus, he fully explains in detail if an issue arises between by 6 mths cleaning to determine what is my best choice. His assistants are very professional and friendly, as well. Keep up the good work!"
    Dave A.
  • "I have been served by TLC Dental Center for two and half years, and I am having my Invisalign braces for 7 months now, SO FAR SO GOOD! Highly recommend TLC Dental Center for dental service in Marysville!!"
    Vicky S.
  • "Best dentist around! Wouldn't go to anyone else! Quick appointments, always on time!"
    Alexis G.
  • "A few years ago, when I was new to Marysville, I called TLC at 7 am on a Saturday. I had a horrible toothache. They saw me in immediately and I had a root canal that morning. My family and I have been going ever since and I have had nothing but wonderful treatment. I would recommend TLC to everyone."
    Anne E.
  • "I've had a hellish time of it with Dentists in the past - from the grossly incompetent who ignored serious issues to the old-fashioned "well of course it hurts! It's supposed to" type. Luckily, Dr. Yim seems to understand that, and doesn't hold it against me. Because of that and the fact he is the first person associated with dentistry I've known who makes it a point -not- to cause pain, I've actually gotten to where going to the dentist is as "normal" for me as any other doctor. He's very gentle with his tools, and in the years I've been going there now, he's never once left my mouth sore as I thought was the norm prior to going to his practice. Even those fillings didn't hurt. To add to this, he is also is pretty accommodating, both in terms of schedule and affordability, and has given me some discounts in the past which I greatly appreciate. I definitely recommend him, especially if you have had bad experiences with dentists in the past. Pain is not normal, nor is it necessary."
    Carolyn E.
  • ""I called to set up a routine cleaning & I mentioned I'd had a pain in my tooth/jaw, but that it wasn't urgent. The receptionist immediately offered me a same day appt that didn't interfere with my work schedule. Upon arrival, they were friendly & talkative. I was called back ON TIME & was immediately treated. Everything was thoroughly explained to me. I was told all my old fillings would need replaced, so upon leaving they found me an accommodating appt for 2 weeks later. Dr. Yim was very patient with discomfort I was feeling, & everyone was so nice. He's got a knack for injecting numbing without an ounce of pain too! 5+ fillings were removed & refilled & I was out in exactly an hour. The doctor is quick, yet doesn't compromise thoroughness. He even offered to provide a cosmetic service to me, free of charge. I have already told many people about how great TLC is & will continue to do so. Thanks for making an experience totally tolerable & pleasant!""
    Nicole M.
  • ""Dr Yim was very friendly, good at explaining what is wrong, fix the issue. The staff is very friendly and helpful for scheduling your next appointment. The new office is better than old location.""
    Shawn P.
  • ""I credit Dr. Yim for my good dental health. He is always available to help me. I really trust him 100%. One day, I had a toothache. Dr. Yim met me at 7 a.m. to just help me. Dr. Yim always does a very good job. He is very polite. He is one of my heroes in my life. I always feel like he really cares about me and my family. I hope he can be part of your life too.""
    Kathy P.
  • ""From the very first phone call, my family has been exceptionally pleased with Dr. Yim and his staff. Three years ago, my husband was in severe pain and it was after 4 pm and we didn't have a local dentist. I called around Marysville and when I reached TLC Dental, they were wonderful and got him in right away. Dr. Yim saw my husband and had him come back that same day after he finished seeing patients to resolve his issue. Since then, we all see Dr. Yim and he is both professional and personable. His staff is also amazing too! The new office is very nice and easy to get to.""
    Dawn P.
  • ""Dr. Yim has been my dentist for nearly a decade. The service and staff are excellent. I appreciate that any question that I may I have is explained completely and in a respectful manner. The integrity of the teeth is very important to Dr. Yim. He always takes the time to do the dental work that is needed. Also, he has had a state of the art cleaning system long before others in our area. I Highly recommend TLC Dental Center.""
    Jennifer W.
  • ""Best dentist ever!!""
    Josh W.
  • ""Dr. Hae Yim is so dedicated to the highest quality of care in Family Dental Health. Patient care is exceptional & so highly recommendable. We're so blessed to have known the Best Family Dentist we could ever ask for.""
    The Caballes
  • ""I came to him to get a 2nd opinion about a root canal that I just couldn't believe I needed to have. Found out I had a sinus infection and he gave me antibiotics. and my tooth was starting to get a crack from my nightly teeth grinding which no other dentist addressed. He made me a night guard and the tooth is fine. Also relieved more pain and aggravation I was having by removing all the metal that was in my mouth. I now don't need a root canal, have no pain and overall I know my health is better now.""
    Mike M.
  • ""From our very first appointment several years ago to our very recent one a few weeks ago, my family and I have always been satisfied with TLC Dental Center in Marysville. We have been with this dental center for a while now and we have never even considered another place. Dr. Yim has a good sense of humor which helps to ease the atmosphere and makes you feel comfortable. His humor and the staff's services make the time pass quickly and help with the anxiety of going through the dental procedure. He works well even with kids of younger age. I would recommend TLC Dental Center to anyone and everyone!""
    Eunice K.
  • ""We have been going to TLC Dental Center years before the recent location change and still continue to go there. Dr. Yum and his staff have always been friendly and knowledgeable. He knows what is best for you and I have never been disappointed with the services I have received from TLC dental center. I would definitely recommend to friends and families.""
    Jung J-L.
  • ""After my first appointment with Dr. Yim, I couldn't imagine myself going anywhere else. His office staff is friendly and go out of their way to accommodate your schedule and your needs. They make it very clear that your comfort and health matter. Dr. Yim has an amazing way of putting you at ease no matter how serious the issues you may be having are. I have had a number of serious dental issues and Dr. Yim has taken care of each of them in a caring, professional manner. I would recommend TLC Dental Center to everyone!""
    Sharon W.
  • ""Got me in on a Saturday to due to a root canal. Been 10 years now. Still my dentist. Dentist and Staff always friendly and helpful. Thanks.""
    Sherwin L.
  • ""Dr. Yim is a friendly and awesome dentist who is dedicated to his profession. He is overly considerate and caring while maintaining affordability. I have been a patient for over 10 years and always look forward to our appointments.""
    Nita T.
  • ""Dr. Yim is by far the best Dentist I have had the pleasure of going to. I have anxiety about the Dentist and he is very understanding and makes me feel at ease. He is very personable and has a great chairside manner. He is very flexible when scheduling his appointments. His staff is very pleasant and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family.""
    Diedra H.
  • ""I've been to five or six dentists in my lifetime and this guy is the only one of the bunch who really deserves to practice dentistry on humans. On top of that, he explains the procedure in detail and has a cool demeanor that makes you feel at ease. Cool staff too.""
    Glut S.



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